Lafayette College is integral to the fabric that makes up our hometown.


This close, warm relationship dates back to 1826, when the people of Easton themselves came together to found Lafayette, and it continues to this day. For example, when the Williams Arts Campus opened in Fall 2015, it was intentionally sited at the base of College Hill to create a gateway between downtown residential and commercial districts and the College. This experimental black box theater, state-of-the-art film theater, sound stage, and high-tech media and teaching lab gives the city and College a striking new venue to welcome students and their families through a variety of events and activities.

Founded in 1752 at the forks of the Delaware and Lehigh rivers, Easton is one of Pennsylvania’s oldest and most historic towns. Easton was one of only three cities where the Declaration of Independence was publicly read after its adoption. The town’s strategic position also made it a player in other historic events, such as the legendary Walking Purchase, the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War.

But make no mistake; there is far more to do here than walk through the pages and places of history. Easton’s many charms include its stunning architecture; the surrounding natural beauty of mountains, rivers, and valleys; cultural offerings from a vibrant arts scene; and an abundance of retail, dining, and entertainment opportunities for both you and your visitors. It also boasts the longest continuous running open-air farmers’ market in the country.

You can spend leisurely afternoons and weekends exploring the College Hill area with its tree-lined sidewalks and mix of charming residences and unique businesses. Find your new favorite hair salon or magazine rack. Check out the coffee shops and snack spots. Or learn the location of convenience stores for any late-night needs.

Downtown Easton is also home to many restaurants, art galleries, and antique shops. The State Theatre Center for the Arts hosts concerts, plays, musicals, stand-up comics, and dance performances by nationally and internationally known performer. No matter your age, you must see The Crayola Factory and all its multicolored wonders. The National Canal Museum is also very popular and much more interesting than it sounds. (How many people do you know have taken a mule-powered canal boat ride?)

When you feel the need for some nature therapy, head into the nearby Pocono Mountains, just north of where Easton sits in the Lehigh Valley. There’s lots of skiing and snowboarding in the winter. In warmer weather, the rivers and wooded trails are full of places to fish, tube, walk, hike, and bike. And, in autumn, there are few places on earth better suited for a drive to see the changing leaves (pack a picnic).

Here’s something else that’s pretty hard to find: You not only get to live and learn in the friendly comforts of a small town, you also have easy access to two of the country’s most exciting cities. Both New York City and Philadelphia, and all the amazing things those places have to offer, are each barely an hour away from Easton.